Shellie Carter

Mother, Grandmother, Natural Care Practitioner, Bridge-builder, Story-teller & Pioneer, is an expert in Multi-Dimensional Healing for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Today she is a highly sought after, inspiring and entertaining Speaker. Over the last twenty-five (25) years, Shellie has studied natural, ancient and cultural therapies. During this time she has recognized that emotions, spirituality and your soul play an integral role in the quality of our health, vitality and the ability to heal. She provides tools to assist you on your journey; creating a bridge to assisting the body, mind, spirit and soul back to balance.

As a bridge builder for people of different cultures she is considerate, caring and accepting of all people. Shellie has a special perspective that allows her to get to the core of health issues; she will instinctively discard the paths that lead nowhere for a faster road to healing for optimal health and balance. Having had the opportunity to be a part of a team that went to Ecuador for medical missions, her life was changed forever. It was there that she had the opportunity to work with people where the team was the only chance for them to receive health care in their lifetime. The opportunity to be of service and make a positive difference made her realize this was a part of what she is here to do.

Shellie has been a speaker for bereavement groups, seizure support groups and athletic workshops and more (see list below). The way she is able to bring stories and ideas to life makes her presentations exciting and vivid. Always on the hunt for the perfect phrase, she is able to find the words that inspire people to act.

Past Speaking Engagements: Women’s Spiritual Retreat, American Cancer Society, Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, Health Conference at Pheasant Run, Amega Global – Global Conference (keynote speaker), Holistic Moms Group and more.

Services offered by Shellie (Alder Center Only):

  • NColon Hydrotherapy
  • NZyto Compass Scan
  • NInlight Wellness Systems (Red, Blue & Infrared lights)
  • NiMRS 2000 / PEMF – Mat & Accessories
  • NReflexology
  • NQuantum Colonic Buster: (pre-Colonic Tummy Work)
  • NAhhh Calming Colonic Massage: (Post-Colonic Tummy Work)

Classes, Workshops & Wellness Programs:

  • NOffered Worldwide (Virtual for now)
  • NMeditation
  • NIN.FORM Program: Weight Management and Gut Health
  • NEssential Oils
  • NBusiness/Corporate
  • NHome and Office Spiritual and Energetic Cleansing and Blessing

Services offered by Shellie (Alder Center or Worldwide – Virtual/Remote):

  • NPrayer Ministry Program
  • NMuscle Testing/Applied Kinesiology
  • NReiki
  • NHealing Touch
  • NEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • NNutritional Consultation

Eva Gairabetoff, BA, RM/T, HTPA

Reiki Master Teacher, Wellness Advocate, Certified NSP IN.FORM Coach

Eva helps you eliminate physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances brought on by the pressures and stress of day-to-day encounters. Her mastery of numerous complementary alternative natural healing disciplines and tools works synergistically to promote total wellness. She shares with you these forms of healing:

  • NColon Hydrotherapy
  • NSpecialized Reiki classes where you learn self-empowerment and self-healing practices; and as a Reiki practitioner, how to provide effective healing sessions for others
  • NIndividual consultations and educational sessions utilizing Nature’s Sunshine’s IN.FORM Gut Health and Weight Balancing program, which integrates helpful technologies, healing herbs, nutritional supplements, and aromatherapy
  • NEnergetic healing tools and devices that protect and safeguard your energy field
  • NDowsing to clear negative energies and raise vibrations


  • NBachelor’s Degree in Special Education
  • NReiki (Usui) Master Teacher Certification
  • NHealing Touch Practitioner Associate (Level 4)
  • NJapanese Reiki Master Certification
  • NCertified NSP IN.FORM Coach
  • NClasses in Herbs, Aromatherapy, Dowsing, and many others

Roxanne Garcia

CranialSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Gut & Health Coach

As a certified practitioner in all areas of services offered. Roxanne began her journey twelve years ago with the intent to bring health and wellness to her community. During her studies, she found that building deep and meaningful connections brought the opportunity for her clients to experience deep profound healing. What brings her the greatest joy is tuning into clients’ needs supporting the most important vessel you have, your Body, Mind and Spirit, creating the space to learn to live your life in balance.

  • NCraniosacral Therapy
  • NReiki
  • NZyto Balance Scan
  • NMeditation
  • NHealing Circles
  • NHealy Frequency

Nick Talbot, BS, LMT, LET, CLT

Lymphatic Practitioner & Complete Decongestive Therapy (includes bandaging)

Through my biomedical educational background, years of holistic health experience, and certifications, I can help improve your life and health through lymphatic enhancement using the Lymphstar Pro Instrument. It is an Electro-biology device and has been in use for over 120 years. It emits a low energy vibration that is safe and relaxing to experience. It is an electronic device that uses therapy heads containing noble gases in glass tubes. The gases are ionized by a high voltage field at low current. The therapy heads emit various fields of energy when touched onto the skin.

These vibrational energies are:
an electrostatic field this field dynamically pulsed’ at low frequencies to create acoustic waves an electro pressure field is created by the use of two therapy heads on various locations When coupled with a therapist’s caring attention and manual drainage techniques, you have a highly effective therapeutic system we call Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET).

Being 1 of 200 unique Certified Therapists in the country, I am able to provide a therapy that is not widely practiced. In addition, I completed my Licensed Massage Therapy program in the Fall of 2016 and am licensed in the state of Illinois. Also, I have completed my Complete Decongestive Therapy Certification as a Certified Lymphatic Therapist in Fall 2017.

Shemuel B. Israel

Shemuel Israel is a functional medicine physician, a soil and crop consultant, and an urban grower. Dr. Israel uses nutrition, lifestyle, life design, and applies or refers to various supportive technologies to help people restore healing energy relationships and free themselves from physical and emotional pain without using drugs or medicines.

We exist on different dimensions simultaneously. Since patients need care on all levels of their existence, Dr Israel guides people in designing programs addressing chronic health problems on five levels.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (1981) from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois, a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (1983), a doctorate in Chiropractic (1985) from the University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, and a “Sacrament of Ordination” from the Aquarian Spiritual Center (1985) in Los Angeles, California.

Dr Israel currently serves on the board of NeighborSpace, a land grant with over one hundred fifteen community-led small urban farms and gardens in Chicago and is a chapter leader mentor for the Chicago Chapter of the Bionutrient Food Association, an organization of over sixty growers and farmers in the Chicagoland area. He is actively engaged in promoting health by encouraging others to grow and eat quality nutrient dense fruit and vegetables.

In order to properly address your health concerns, Dr. Israel requires a comprehensive patient questionnaire be filled out prior to your first appointment (see link above).


A very pleasant experience. This was my first time and I was worried. Fatima did a very good job explaining the process and was gentle during the session. I will be going again.


Colon Hydrotherapy

Shellie was fabulous. I am an experienced colon therapist, but have had some severe health issues. Shellie made me feel comfortable, before, during and after the colonic. When I got home I felt light and energetic. I know that is not everyone’s experience, but after being on heart meds for over a year and battling the feeling of bloat, impaction, and constipation, I was delighted to physically feel that I am OK to be on the mend. Thank you Shellie!


Craniosacral Therapy

Fatima did my colonic hydrotherapy and she was amazing. Not only professional but made it so comfortable for me! I’ll be back next week!


Colon Hydrotherapy

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